The Jenkins Partnership provides challenging, innovative business strategy and execution services. We seek to work with customers that aspire to be the best in their industry – and over the long term help you reach those goals.

Our clients operate within many different industry sectors, for example Financial & Professional Services, Telecommunications, Technology vendors, Retail and Consumer Goods. We also support emerging new companies, agencies, consultancies and organisations that are looking for a fresh approach.

We have a range of services:

  • consulting and contractors
  • workshops
  • presentations
  • training mentoring & coaching

Why The Jenkins Partnership?
There are many reasons why a consultant may add value to your business, but in hiring The Jenkins Partnership your challenges may be:

  • You need focussed resources
  • You need experienced people
  • You need to have confidence in the outcome
  • You need changes made and those changes to stick
  • You need someone to manage the project from plan to implementation
  • You need to tailor solutions to your needs

TomorrowNow is the leader in 3rd party maintenance for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customers. It is a US based company with operations in Europe and an Asia-Pacific HQ in Singapore.

Work undertaken for TomorrowNow

  • Market Entry Services
  • Provision of Virtual Marketing Director services for the Asia-Pacific
  • Lead Generation
  • Events – concept to execution
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing

Holocentric is a leader in modelling tools for business. These tools can be applied to corporate governance, business process improvement, human performance improvement, value chain management, enterprise architecture, IT requirements and software re-engineering. The company is particularly strong in government services and are now expanding rapidly into commercial organisations.

Recent work for Holocentric

  • Virtual Marketing Director
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Planning & Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Go-to-Market programmes
  • Database development/sourcing
  • CRM deployment
  • Events

Genos is an Australian success story in the commercialisation of academic research. Based upon the work of Dr Ben Palmer and Prof. Con Stough at Swinburne University, Genos is the commercial arm that takes research on workplace Emotional Intelligence and applies it to businesses, to improve people, teams and performance.

Recent work for Genos

  • Business Consulting
  • Sales Development
  • Opportunity Planning/Territory Planning
  • Channel Breadth and Depth development
  • KPI development
  • Mentoring
  • Alliances
  • Preparation for funding

BluePulse is new internet consumer application building the world’s leading open mobile community for developers and consumers. It allows you to send and receive content such as instant messaging, RSS feeds and community based web content. BluePulse is viewed by many industry commentators as one of the hottest new companies in the mobile market. It has relocated from Sydney to San Mateo, California and funded by VantagePoint Venture Partners.

Recent work for BluePulse

  • Business Consulting
  • Sales Development
  • Opportunity Planning
  • KPI development
  • Alliances Strategy

Message Motion
MessageMotion provides powerful and effective online marketing tools and strategies. A range of tools are available, particularly applicable to networked organisations and franchise models.

Recent work for MessageMotion

  • Business Planning
  • Forecasting/Sizing
  • Alliances
  • GTM programs

Supply Chain Consulting
Supply Chain Consulting is a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services. IT delivers innovative solutions to meet the needs of today's enterprises. Its portfolio includes consulting services and solutions on the SAP platform in enterprise and mid-market segments. Its product portfolio includes Viewlocity™ supply chain visibility and optimisation software and CarbonView™, the world’s leading proactive carbon management solution.

Work undertaken for Supply Chain Consulting

  • Development and project management for CarbonView campaign
  • Email and Collateral Development
  • Rollout CRM Campaign Management platform
  • Execution of Lead Generation campaigns
  • Adaptation of campaigns to Australian, European and US markets
  • Mentoring and training of staff