We take the tools and knowledge often used by larger corporations and apply them to your business in a cost effective way – helping you focus on your customer and delivering results.

We provide a number of services:

  • Virtual Marketing Director
  • Business Review
  • Channel and Distribution Reviews
  • Market Entry Services
  • Commercialisation

Virtual Marketing Director
When you’re growing you need experience and energy to drive the best outcomes from marketing efforts.

The Jenkins Partnership can provide a “Virtual Marketing Director” who is an experienced marketer that can provide your business the best value for your limited budget.

This service takes your business forward a significant step, essentially enabling you to have a senior marketing resource to help drive your business and add value to the management team. This resource can help you integrate all your marketing activities together to get the best results.

Business Review
If your start-up business is not meeting your goals, then we can help by carrying out a ‘Business Review’ that investigates all areas of your business and produces a written action plan.

This will involve reviewing your commercialisation strategy, sales and marketing, IP ownership and licencing, funding and investment options, innovation and new product development, operational efficiencies, and the current structure of the management team.

The Review is carried out through an in-depth meeting where we pressure test your business strategy and assumptions. We then provide you a report on the best way to achieve your goals and help you execute the recommendations.

Channel and Distribution Reviews
Your business is operating but sales are not getting the results you are expecting?

There are many ways to supply product to market. This service is designed to assist you in matching your product to the right distribution mechanism. This may be direct or indirect via channels such as mass market retail, franchise, OEM, or high street retail.

The Jenkins Partnership can assist by developing a distribution strategy, reviewing potential partners and helping develop KPI’s that meet your goals. We can also show you where retail performance or territory planning opportunities lie.

Market Entry Services
Want to increase your confidence in entering a new market?

With many years experience in the ANZ and Asia Pacific regions, The Jenkins Partnership can provide ‘on the ground’ support for international companies entering the market. This can include acting as management, assistance in market research, developing business plans, lead generation and hiring sales teams.

Is your new product or service ready for market, just out of development?

If not we can assist you to plan the best means to market, who to partner with, how to build a team and how to build alliances with larger companies who can help you into the market.

Through our network of associates, we help identify sources of funding such as government grants, angel investors and venture capital. We develop the required business plans, marketing plans and submission documents.